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Choose crystal clear vision over squinting

Our doctors have several decades of experience and perform all treatments with the necessary care and diligence to ensure our patients
have nothing to worry about.

Our top-of-the-line German scanning units, the Schwind Amaris 1050 Excimer and the Schwind Atos Femtosecond laser equipment guarantee you will be satisfied with your experience at the clinic.


Ophthalmology procedures


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Surface procedures

  • PRK
  • TransPRK/SmartSurFace
  • PTK

Flap creation procedures

  • Femto + LASIK
  • Femto + LASIK HD
  • Femto + LASIK HD + PresbyMAX

Corneal procedure without a flap

  • SmartSight

Cross-linking treatment for keratoconus

About us

"I am very happy that there is a possibility of laser vision correction in Szeged, as I have wanted to have my eyes operated for a long time, but I don't really like the traffic culture in Budapest.
I am incredibly grateful to the Doctor, because in addition to her knowledge and many years of experience, she has an extremely kind and engaging personality.
The operation was really painless, I didn't have any discomfort afterwards, and my eyes were not even red. I could practically see perfectly at a distance the next day, reading up close is sometimes blurry, but after a drop of eye drops it clears up after a little while. After 30 years, it is indescribable not to need contact lenses or glasses!
Thank you!"

Eszter, 53, Femto-LASIK

"I am very grateful to the clinic for their professionalism, kind and attentive colleagues who helped me with everything and gave me satisfactory answers to any questions I had. I have worn glasses continuously for 21 years and I can't tell you how good it feels to be without them, as a high myopia sufferer I was scared of the surgery and its success, but I can see now that it was the best decision to agree to the treatment. 

I recommend it to everyone."

 Leila, 27, Femto-LASIK

"The minutes before the operation were very exciting, and the staff were calming me down and talking to me. They were careful and kind during the operation. They were very caring to everything. It is very rare to find a place where the staff is so empathetic, helpful and attentive to the patient. I am glad to be here and to have had this opportunity. It is a wonderful place. My vision is sharp. I still don't realize I don't need glasses. It was worth every minute of it as I can see the world with my own eyes. Thank you very much."

Mariann, 26, Femto-LASIK

Top-of-the-line instruments

Our clinic awaits you with high-quality laser surgery instruments and highly-trained specialists.

Schwind Atos Femtosecond

Laser flap creation using an intelligent eye-tracking system

Schwind Amaris 1050

Cutting-edge 7-dimension eye tracking system


In the best location.
In the best hands.



Before the surgery, you will attend a detailed 2-hour assessment to find out whether you are eligible for laser surgery.



After eligibility assessment, we will perform the chosen laser surgery. You will have to spend up to 3 hours in the clinic, and the surgical process itself only takes a couple of seconds.



It is important that you return for follow-up visits after surgery, so that our ophthalmologists can confirm whether your eyes are healing as they should.


Our doctors have more than 20 years of experience


We offer 8 different treatments using top-of-the-line German equipment


We stand by your side right from the assessment of eligibility

Outpatient ophthalmology care is also available at our clinic

Should you have any eye problems, do not hesitate to seek our specialists though outpatient care.


Meet our doctors

Every day, our doctors work to improve our patients’ quality of life to the greatest degree possible.

Dr. Ratkay Imola

Ophthalmologist, Chief Physician, PhD, Medical Director

Dr. Skribek Ákos

Ophthalmologist, University Assistant Professor, Deputy Director

Dr. Ördögh Dominika


Dr. Szabó Júlia Dóra


Dr. Szilvia Sándor


Hintersehr Zita


Horváth Rita


Szloboda Ákos

Egészségügyi ügyfélmenedzser

Kárpáti Réka

Ügyfélszolgálati vezető

Dr. Polgár Nóra



  • Our team includes one of the most experienced refractive surgeons in Hungary
  • Physicians specialized in laser eye surgery
  • Professional recognitions
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      +36 62 341 384

      Korányi fasor 10-11., H-6720 Szeged, Hungary


      Frequently Asked Questions – Reassuring Answers

      What is the minimum age one can apply for laser eye surgery?

      Laser eye surgery can be performed on patients over 18 years, as eye growth and development concludes by that age. Eligibility is always determined by a specialist who takes a number of factors into account in the decision: the stability of the eye, the patient’s age, the dioptre, and other eye-related aspects.

      What types of surgeries do you perform?

      We perform traditional PRK treatments, no-touch PRK treatments; furthermore, premium-category FEMTO-LASIK, Femto-LASIK HD, as well as Femto-LASIK HD + Presbymax and SmartSight treatments are also available at our clinic. In addition, we offer Corneal Cross Linking treatment, the only therapeutic option developed specifically for keratoconus, which slows down and stops disease progression without causing any side effects.

      What is the difference between PRK and Femto-LASIK surgeries?

      PRK treatment (photorefractive keratectomy) is the oldest technology still in use. In PRK, the ophtahlmologist removes the corneal surface cells, and then uses the laser to alter the corneal tissue. This changes the eye’s dioptre.

      In Femto-LASIK surgeries, the surface cells are not removed; instead, only a small incision is made on the corneal surface, which allows the corrective laser to access the corneal tissue.

      What are the steps involved in surgery?

      You will first have to make an appointment for the assessment of eligibility, where our specialists will perform the necessary examinations. After all relevant factors are taken into account, we provide you with a decision as to whether we recommend laser eye surgery for you or not. If yes, we can set up an appointment for the surgery.

      For PRK treatments, the surgery consists of the following steps:

      1. For the sake of safety, we repeat the key part of the eligibility assessment.
      2. We administer eye drops to numb your eyes and a tranquillizer is also available if necessary.
      3. The ophthalmologist places a gentle eye speculum on your eye so you won’t have to worry about blinking during the procedure.
      4. This is followed by the removal of the surface cornea cells by the ophthalmologist using a device specifically developed for this purpose.
      5. Subsequently, the laser surgery of the corneal tissue takes place, which lasts only a couple of seconds per eye, depending on the dioptre.
      6. After surgery, you need to wear the 100%-UV-filter sunglasses that you bring with you to the clinic, and you need to apply the eye drops we provide for you – these will support the healing of your eyes.
      7. You spend approximately two hours at the clinic, but the treatment itself does not last longer than 8 to 10 minutes.
      8. You will experience vision improvement immediately after the laser eye-correction surgery; you will not have to wear glasses any more, but you still need a couple of days to achieve stable visual acuity.

      For Femto-LASIK treatments, the surgery consists of the following steps:

      1. For the sake of safety, we repeat the key part of the eligibility assessment.
      2. We administer eye drops to numb your eyes and a tranquillizer is also available if necessary.
      3. The ophthalmologist places a gentle eye speculum on your eye so you won’t have to worry about blinking during the procedure.
      4. Afterwards, the ophthalmologist uses the laser to make an incision in the corneal surface and performs eye corrective surgery similar to the PRK treatment.
      5. No pain or significant discomfort should be expected during treatment.

      How should I prepare for surgery?

      There are only a few things you have to take into consideration regarding laser eye surgery:

      • We request you not to wear make-up or false eyelashes.
      • If you have been using contact lenses, you must stop using them 2 weeks prior to surgery (if they are soft lenses) or 3 weeks prior to surgery (if they are hard or semi-hard lenses). It is important because contact lenses exert a mild pressure on the cornea, changing its curve, and the cornea needs some time to regain its original shape. If you do not allow the required time for this process, the laser surgery may not give you the expected results.
      • Please refrain from using highly-perfumed cosmetics (perfumes, deodorants, aftershave cosmetics) or eye make-up on the day of the surgery. These fragrances may affect the efficiency of the procedure or damage the optical parts of the laser instrument; furthermore, eye make-up may irritate or contaminate the surgical area.

      You can continue doing everything else as you normally would: you can eat and drink before the surgery, and you can also administer any medication you regularly take. After surgery, it is important that you leave the clinic with someone to accompany you, and that you wear 100%-UV-filter sunglasses.

      Will the surgery be painful?

      No, neither the assessment nor the laser eye surgery causes any pain. We provide patients with numbing eye drops before the surgery to ensure the process is entirely painless.

      For how long do I need to rest after the procedure?

      After a PRK surgery, recovery may take longer, and we recommend about 7 to 10 days of rest.

      The recovery period after Femto-LASIK surgeries is 2 to 3 days.

      What should I look out for after eye surgery?

      It is important to remember that the laser vision correction process does not end with the surgery. Aftercare is very important, which extends to the following:

      • use the eye drops provided by the ophthalmologist;
      • wear UV-filter sunglasses for 3 to 6 months after the surgery when you are outdoors,
      • return to the clinic for follow-up visits;
      • keep away from dusty environments and other sources of potential infection (such as swimming pool water, bath water and objects contaminated with dirt) in the first weeks after the surgery;
      • you must not rub your eyes for 3 months after the surgery as that would cause flap dislocation potentially resulting in micro-wrinkles and vision impairment. We strongly recommend to use the protective glasses received after surgery during the first week to prevent flap dislocation.
        Planned pregnancies should be timed for at least 3 months after the surgery.